What is SEO


This is page optimization that makes it easier for search engines search for it.


SEO-optimizers are IT professionals who are experts in the field of SEO. They are usually able to eat a large portion of the budgets of large companies and have a lot of benefit for enterprises. However, there is always a war against them. Let’s now find out what the problem is.


Dear SEO Masters! This article is for people who are new to SEO and want to learn more. You are an experienced SEO professional, so please leave your comments. You can also tell us which optimization method works best for your business.


SEO: What is it?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization in English. In Russian, it means “search engine optimization”. SEO refers to a technical specialist who helps search engines find your site faster and shows it as high in search results. In another way, he helps search engines rank your site higher in the SERP than other sites.


Let’s now take it apart.


What are search results?

Yandex will show you the pages that it believes contain the answer to your query. This is search results. It’s the result of a query. Search results, for example, is the first page in Yandex’s search results.


SEO’s goal is to achieve the highest ranking in this SERP. Your site should appear first in the SERP.


SEO: What is it?

Search results are the main nuance

Search results can be very unpredictable. Here’s what’s changing:


You may get different results depending on where you live, what your region is, how big it is, and what street you are on. The search engine will attempt to provide you with relevant offers based on where you are located.

Your personal preferences and visits to sites can also influence the results. You are more likely to love certain sites than others.

The results can vary at different times of day, on different days of week and on different days. Search engines regularly review their sorting methods and add new sites.

The results from a mobile device and a computer at home may differ because most likely there will be mobile websites at the top.

The first line will be occupied by the advertising issue. In general, everything is always changing.

Yandex and Google search are constantly changing. SEO experts in this ocean are sailors.


An SEO specialist’s job is to ensure that your site is shown to people in the right location, with the correct queries, so they come to you. You must consider all aspects of the search engine to show the site in the most effective way.


How it works

SEO must meet certain technical requirements in order to be effective. This is how you might get started in SEO work.

Searching Browsing Internet Data Information Networking Concept,Business man clicking internet search page on computer touch screen,copy space.

Include keywords in page titles and headings

Register meta tags to tell search engines what type of content you have;

You should arrange keywords and their combinations within the text to ensure that the search engine understands what page is about.

Check the page for broken links or pages that don’t lead anywhere.

Mobile phones can be used to adapt the layout to speed up loading and working on them

Fast loading of images can be achieved by adapting the pictures

For example, you might need to do more complicated work.


Write such content so people can read it and not visit other sites. Search engines are often more favorable to this type of content.

Make sure other sites link to our site and cite it. In some cases, this could indicate that the site is authoritative.

Organise information so that search engines can take it into their “snippets”. This is where the search engine pulls up answers directly from the text on your search results page.

This is all to tell the search engine that the site loads quickly and has everything users need. He will also find the answer to his query there. Each factor is evaluated separately by the search engine, which then summarizes and assigns an internal rating to the site. The site’s ranking for a particular request will determine how high it appears in search results.


The algorithms and rating principles used by search engines are kept secret to protect site owners from trying to manipulate the system or unfairly climb the ranks. Many factors influence a site’s ranking. Some of these are based on user behaviour and machine learning. A SEO who claims to know the exact workings of a search engine is probably exaggerating.


Fair enough: a good SEO may not know the workings of search engines, but he can see them. He performs an action on the page, and observes the traffic flow and changes in people’s behavior. An SEO who is a good practitioner and has a lot of success with search engines will not be a “secret Yandex” theorist. Instead, he will experiment a lot and gain an indirect understanding of the work of search engines.


It’s similar to psychologists: They don’t know how brains work, but they can make working guesses based on the behavior of the individual and help them behave better.


What it is different from paid advertising

SEO and PPC advertising are sometimes confused because they both appear in search results.


SEO: What is it?

Contextual advertising is marked with “Advertising” which means that the advertiser pays search engines money to place his site on the first page for certain phrases. The goal of SEO is to not spend money advertising but to place the site on the first page search results pages without having to pay for it.


It often turns out that SEO is more profitable than advertising. This is not true everywhere.


It doesn’t work

In 2021, search engines will be smarter than they were 10 year ago. They are able to recognize when they don’t want to be tricked by purchased links, excessive optimization, and artificially inserted keywords. We are now on the lookout for hidden semantic indexing (LSI). The essence of this search engine is to learn how the reader will use the page.


Now you must think about how the information will benefit the reader. This does not alter the fundamental SEO work: micro-markup, working hyperlinks, loading speed, site adaptability for different devices, and correct micro-markup.


Next steps

We will be publishing more articles about SEO and the way search engines work online. Next, we will discuss what tags should be used for SEO and then what other factors affect search and page rank.

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