What is SEO optimized text and how to get to the TOP of search engines




Search engine ranking is influenced a lot by SEO-optimized text. Many webmasters don’t understand SEO and make mistakes that will not only not get them to the top, but could also cause their site to be removed from search engine filters.


We’ll discuss what an SEO article looks like, how keys are distributed, high-quality SEO optimized texts, and what we need to do to get to the top of search engines.


SEO Optimized text: What it Is

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be translated as “search engine optimizing”. This is the definition of an SEO article. It is an article that has been optimized for search queries. This is SEO-optimized text, which is simply filled with keywords and responds to the user’s query as fully as possible.


Online furniture stores are one example. A potential client might be looking for a wardrobe. What should he type in Google or Yandex’s search bar? You can either “buy a wardrobe” (or “inexpensive wardrobes Moscow”)!


If the SEO-optimized text of the page with wardrobes includes such queries, visitors will be able to visit the online store’s website. This is the first step to making potential clients an accomplished client and getting on the TOP of search engines.


SEO optimized text


SEO articles are a conversion tool that converts readers to buyers. You can order SEO texts that include selling elements, or add video reviews from customers to strengthen them, and make it easier to sell product descriptions.


You now know what an SEO article is.


It helps users find the information they need;

acts as an “anchor”, for the PS

Conversions increase

Converts a visitor to a buyer

This will help the site reach the top of search engines.

It is impossible to rank at the top of search engines solely through SEO text. Even if the page has the perfect SEO-optimized text across all indicators, it does not guarantee that the site will be in the TOP-1, TOP-5, or TOP-10.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is not enough to drive sales. There are many other factors to consider:


website loading speed;

USP (unique selling proposition);

sales funnel;

Usability of the site

Texts with semantic quality

Service with convenience

The payment system should be thoughtful.


This does not mean you should ignore the quality of your content. You can order any SEO text of any quality. SEO optimized text is a key, crucial, and vital gear in any site’s mechanism. These are the fundamentals of SEO copywriting. They provide the foundation for increasing sales.


SEO-optimized text can be good or bad

Let’s look at SEO (search engine optimization). And how we can avoid it.


It’s bad

These are the best ways to rank high in search engines.


Spamming. Spamming is when SEO optimized text has too many keywords. Overspam can also be negatively perceived by the PS. This could lead to sanctions or lower search results.

Bold keys It is possible to highlight keywords when writing SEO text. However, bold will not affect the issuance or give you any information.

Texts for robots. These articles simply copy the keys unchanged. The SEO-optimized text is meaningless and doesn’t bring any benefit to the reader (or the site owner).

Concerning the last point. The last point is the most important. Similar keywords should be avoided in SEO-optimized text.


It is possible to dilute, decline, or alter keywords in some way. Modern search engine algorithms are very good at understanding morphology. Even if there is a small gap between requests.


This is why you should order SEO copywriting from an experienced professional and not a novice from the exchange who copies requests into SEO optimized text from TK. There is a 99 percent chance that he doesn’t know what an SEO article should look like.


SEO errors



These SEO copywriting tips will help you rank at the top of search engines. It is important to remember that you must pay attention to many other factors before ordering SEO text. We have already discussed them.


SEO optimized text should have a minimum number of requests

Let’s suppose there is spam or that we have SEO optimized text to machines. Both the search engine and the reader will quickly see that the article was written with one goal: to include as many keywords possible in the hopes of ranking higher in search results.




The PS is reducing the position of its employees.

The risk of falling below the filters

Complete loss of faith on the part the reader

Overspam should not be allowed in SEO optimized text. You will be able to rank at the top of search engines if you have 3-5 requests, depending on the article’s size.


You should also ensure that the text is compliant with search queries. This article, for example, is about SEO optimized text and how it can be ranked at the top of search engines. We will therefore analyze the topic and consider what an SEO article (search engine optimization).


How to rank at the top of search engines with SEO optimized text

SEO is more than just about creating tags or texts. To achieve tangible results, you need a holistic approach that involves improved usability and continuous monitoring of more than 500 business and behavioral factors. This is how promotion by the discript SEO agency operates.




The discript search engine optimization agency offers comprehensive SEO. This includes the creation of landing pages to meet search algorithm requirements and respond to site visitors’ requests. This will allow you to rise to the top of search results and to strengthen the occupied positions, increasing conversion to targeted actions.




Search engine ranking algorithms change constantly. It is essential to monitor the effectiveness and progress of promotional tools in order to keep them updated. Discript only uses search engine optimization techniques that have been proven effective – “Relevant Search Engine Optimization”, which regularly checks clients’ websites for more than 500 elements or parameters.


Books of SEO page rank visits hits and search are sitting on top of each other over blue background. The books have unique texts on their spines related to SEO subject and are sitting next to a computer cursor.


There are no two projects the same. Discript uses a personal approach to “Smart SEO” because each project is unique. The client’s promotion strategy is created taking into consideration the product/service characteristics, the segment and the target audience. A list of priorities that affect the search results’ position is also compiled. These tasks are completed in the first place. This results in visible results after a few month’s promotion.


SEO Optimized Text: The Benefits for the Reader

Respect the reader and give them useful content. Spamming and using clumsy keys looks cheap and unprofessional. What are the thoughts of a potential client if they stumble upon SEO-optimized text replete in phrases such as “cheap apples starting at 1000 rubles per bulk” or “Saransk to buy used car radios?”


This is absurd and uncredible. 100 percent. A company that claims to be an expert in a particular niche but only publishes second-rate content is not the right choice for a serious client. Bad behavior factors will also make it impossible to reach the top of search engines.


What does SEO article look like from the readers’ perspective? This text is just like any other. The reader is unlikely to be knowledgeable about SEO (search engine optimization). If you are going to order or write SEO texts, it is important that they be both competently optimized and useful for the reader.


What is SEO Article?


While you can create optimized articles by yourself, there’s an easier solution: order SEO texts from Vitaly Mann’s Content Studio.


Get SEO text

Questions in the subheadings H2-H4 or text structure

The H1 header must contain the main request. It is worth adding the keys to the subheadings of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th levels. This is useful for search engines and readers.


It is important to ensure that the headings match the paragraphs below. If the main question is “order SEO copywriting”, and the text contains explanations and examples sections, then everything can be organized as follows:


H2: SEO Copywriting Before Ordering (explanations of SEO – Search Engine Optimization, What is SEO Optimized Text, etc. ).

H2: How SEO-Optimized Text Is Written

H3: Examples and examples of SEO copywriting. This includes what kind of SEO texts can be ordered (examples) and how to get in the TOP search engines.

H2: SEO Copywriting Order (selling a Service).

Structuredness is a key consideration. Structured text that is SEO-optimized should have not only subheadings but also lists (numbered and bulleted). It is easy to understand. Short paragraphs are also easy to read. People don’t like reading pages of text that are half the page long. These are important principles of SEO copywriting.


Re-link pages

Relinking refers to a network of links within a website that link from one page or another. It serves as breadcrumbs and allows the user to quickly find similar content.


This approach to SEO (search engine optimization) has a positive impact on behavioral factors (PF), which allows you to promote your website higher and further, and helps you reach the TOP of search engines.


The fact is that the more time a user stays on a site, the better it will appear from the search engine’s side and the greater the chance of being in the TOP search engines. Interlinking is a key role.


What is SEO Article: Linking


Meta tags

You must correctly describe the meta tags in order to get to the top of search engines. These tags are required by search engine robots and used to describe pages.


For effective SEO (search engine optimization), what meta tags should be used?


 Title is the title of the page that appears in the browser tab. It can also be displayed in search results.

 It contains a brief description of the page. It is included in the snippet from the search engine output.

 Alternative description of the page image. Image searches are necessary to find the site. You can even reach the TOP of search engines such as Google.

Checklist: Quality SEO Optimized Content

What is an SEO article that can be used by both search engine robots and humans? This high-quality SEO optimized text is not just filled with keywords but also:


It is helpful for the reader. Water is not enough. We help people buy wardrobes, discuss the benefits, features, costs, and delivery.

Informative. It is foolish to say 10 times in the text, “Your wardrobes are the most expensive.” This information is just water. Specifications, facts are what really matter.

Unique. It is not necessary to copy the words of your competitors or mislead the public. Every SEO optimized text must be written from scratch.

Do not spam. There are no 10 keys per 1000 characters. This will not allow you to rank at the top of search engines.

Readable. Any text, even technical or SEO optimized text will be easier to understand if it has subheadings, lists and quotes.

What is SEO Article?


These are the essentials of SEO copywriting. This is the minimum you need to know if you plan on writing SEO-optimized text. If you don’t have the time or desire to learn, you can order SEO text from Vitaly Mann’s content studio:


Get SEO text

SEO Optimized Text Writing Program

You need to know how to properly combine the benefits and the rules of SEO (search engine optimization) text. Also, you must consider the subtleties and principles of site ranking and search engines.


Vitaly Mann Content Studio uses my best practices and strategies to create optimized content. If you would like to order SEO copywriting, I will do the following:


The type of text to be optimized (what kind of text do you need to write? Informational, product description or review?, on the main pages of a blog, etc. ).

Competitor assessment (study and analysis of direct competitors, their strengths, and weaknesses) is included in the very basics of SEO copywriting.

Collecting key questions for the material (evaluation, formation of an array key queries for SEO (search engines optimization).

Information preparation (SEO-optimized text) must include facts, advantages and properties, characteristics, USP, and so on. ).

Preparation for the structure – Drawing up a plan and outline of abstracts to create the article’s skeleton.

You can get to the top of search engines by writing SEO-optimized text.

Final material delivery, revision and checking.

Each point has its own subpoint. No one can tell you how to make SEO optimized text that is effective and will rank high in search engines.




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