Web Traffic and SEO Techniques

You might be wondering why your website doesn’t receive enough traffic.

Did know web crawlers account to around 80% of all website visitors? This is an essential step in site development.


You don’t have to pay additional fees for improving your site’s rank in the web index pages. Using website streamlining (SEO).


There are many options to improve your site. They make it possible for sites to be friendly to the web search engine crawler. It is important to search for catchphrases that can also be used in administratives and other areas of a site’s websites.


Site design improvement ventures for a site page:




The html title tag plays an important role. It must contain the most important watchwords and expressions that best address administrations or items on the page.




The HTML meta Keyword tag should contain catchphrase phrases that best address administrations or items on the page. It shouldn’t exceed 250 characters.




The web crawler displays the html Meta Description tag. Do not exceed 200 characters.


Headings: Catchphrases


Web crawlers can decode catchphrases found in Headings labels (h1) similar to key watchwords relevant to the page. It should be searched and listed with the web search tools.


Page text:


It is a good idea to include text that is useful on every page. Use common language and catchphrases.


Alt Tags Catchphrases:


Every HTML image “img” tag must contain an ALT tag with a correct portrayal.

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Robots.txt record:


Make sure you have a robots.txt file in your site catalog. This text document is made by the website administrator and will guide the internet searcher’s spider when ordering a site.


In some cases, it might not be desirable to have pages recorded. By using robots.txt one can control which pages are ordered and made available to web search engines.


Client specialist: *






HTML code approval:


The web search tool’s crawlers are more efficient when there are no html errors in ordering website pages. It is a requirement that site pages be filed.




Connections are essential to web indexes. If a connection is corresponding, it will be considered significant. Connections coming from higher page positions are an and more.


Enrollment with Search Engines and Directories:


Enlistment of sites with web search tools and catalogs is essential. Avoid using a programmed web crawler/registry registration.


Site improvements have become a crucial arrangement of techniques that helps websites to appear more relevant to search engines. Anyone who needs to increase web traffic may consider free website streamlining his first option.


Roberto Sedycias


IT Consultant


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