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What is duplicate substance and why should it be a concern? It’s surprising how much easier it is to find duplicate substance and fix it.


Whiteboard Friday is the scene this week. Moz Learn Team’s informed authority Meghan walks around with some helpful (and longingly for prompting!) analogies to help you in responding to these requests.


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Hi, Moz fans. We are pleased to welcome you to Whiteboard Friday. Meghan is my name and I work for Moz’s Learn Team. Today, we’ll be discussing duplicate substance to some extent.


So, why would we use the term duplicate substance?


This is a very common issue and can be quite overwhelming. What is the situation? What should be done? Why are some pages of my site being called duplicates? What can I do to resolve this issue?


What is a duplicate substance?


What is a duplicate substance, in particular?


Duplicate substance is content that appears in multiple places on the Internet. This may not be as clear or obvious as it appears. Unnecessarily large content, regardless of its clarity, can be seen as duplicates.


Remember that duplicate content is not just about what visitors see on your site. Think about two pages. It also includes what crawlers and web search engines see when they visit those pages. They can’t see the page being accessed, so they usually look at the source code. If the code is not too similar, the crawler might accept that it is looking at two different pages.


Imagine you’re in a bakery and you see two cupcakes that are essentially unidentified. There are no signs. How can you tell which one is the right one? This is what happens when two pages are found that seem exorbitantly tempting.


The chaos caused by content fragments can lead to issues like placing issues. Web crawlers won’t be able rank pages that are not comparable or will have trouble locating them. The Moz gadgets have a 90% edge on duplicate substance. This means that pages that contain code that is 90% or more will be considered duplicates.




Now that we have quickly explained what duplicate substance is, how do we resolve it? There are at least two or three ways to resolve duplicate substance.


301 Diverts


The first is to decide to execute 301 detours. This would be similar to having a VHS copy a film. It could also be less critical.


You want to ensure that people are equipped with the highest level structure available on the internet. You can redirect pages that have been interpreted more frequently to new and revived versions on your website. This is important for issues related to subdomains or show changes similar to content updates. People have the option to go to a more settled substance.




Next, you will need to decide whether or not you want rel=canonicals applied to your page. Let’s say you are at a get-ready arrangement and have sugar and chocolate chip with you. Your sugar treats must be excellent. When people ask which sugar treat they should try, you point them to the sugar treats, even if they have made the choice to go for the chocolate chip

Search engine research and debugging

This would look like two items that can be purchased on your website, but they are of different colors. Human visitors should be able to choose between the tones. However, crawlers will need to know which page is more important.


Meta noindex


You can also decide to look at pages using meta noindex.


You may have two versions of your favorite book. The second version will be the most important and freshest. You’ll refer to it. You should have the option to inspect and deliver one in any case. The meta noindex names inform the crawler that they can crawl the duplicate page but they should not include it in their records. This is useful for duplicate content issues, such as pagination.


Add content


Imagine two pages that are not duplicates. Both pages are related to different topics and should be considered separate content. You may decide to add more content to these pages to make it less confusing for crawlers.


They could stand apart from each other, much like adding sprinkles and cherries to one cupcake, and possibly another concealing icing to another.


Moz Pro can help you detect and resolve duplicate substances


Moz Pro Site Crawl or On-Demand Crawl are available to assist you in identifying duplicate pages on your website.


We can identify pages that are duplicates within these instruments. You can also export this data to CSV so it can be separated from the mechanical assembly. This is a great tip. The duplicate substance get-together in the CSV results of this data will show you which pages are considered duplicates of each other.


For a comparative gathering of duplicate pages, pages that have a similar duplicate substance gathering number should be included. Although this is not a comprehensive review of duplicate substance issues, it will help you to get started.

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