Seo – what it is, how to start Seo optimisation and website promotion for beginners


Dear readers of this blog, Today, I will be discussing what Seo is. This will be illustrated on my blog using an example. It shows how SEO (internal as well as external) can do amazing things in promoting a site. And it also answers the question why Search Engine Optimization should never be neglected.

Although this article is meant for beginners, I have found that many webmasters Seo Promotion simply ignore it and don’t even attempt to understand its essence. It’s almost as if they are embarrassed to appear biased in the eyes their readers. Nonsense. For the first year, I didn’t do any Seo and felt it was the right thing.

A very common phrase is “Write articles for people” and it has been adopted by many. While content is a key pillar to the success of any Internet project, it is not the only or the best. The traffic to my blog doubled within half a year after I began internal optimization (up to around 5000). Impressive, isn’t it?

P.S. P.S. Online training is available on the topic of “SEO 2.0” from TexTerra. You can still probably learn everything in that amount of time. However, this is only for a fee.

SEO – What it is and how it impacts promotion

However, when I started to build link mass at the start of the summer, attendance doubled in six months (up to around 10000). Even I was impressed. Yes, SEO-text optimization and buying links were necessary. There is a result. You think all of this is absurd? Well, it’s not.

Modern search engines use behavioral factor accounting. This gives Yandex or Google clear information about the interests of Internet project visitors. It means that my content is still interesting to users if I’m still at the top of the list (the top ten sites among the top ten). Your content is also interesting to users.

Let’s say yes. But who can evaluate it? SEO can bring in a lot of traffic to your website, but you’re not acknowledging it. It’s true, though. After promotion, your next task will be to maintain these visitors (come from search engines) by providing quality content and responsive content. However, without Search Engine, you won’t have such a chance at this stage of search engine development.

The expression, “One high-quality, relevant content will suffice for successful promotion” is a bit ahead of its time or stated by people who are knowledgeable but don’t want to add unnecessary jostle at search results and mislead you.

Searching browsing data information network concept. Businessman using laptop computer to input keyword for search and find knowledge.

In this article, I will try to expose the truth (as I see) and to encourage you to explore the “dark side” of power (since Seo isn’t always and not all white methods). You should have a good understanding of your actions and the potential outcomes. I recommend that you check out my list of blogs and forums for optimizers. Already scared? Are you ready to let go and just say “screw it”, or “let things be as they are”. There is another way, but it’s not the best.

For those who have listened, I will keep going. Let’s get down to the core of Seo, its roots and how you can use it peacefully for your site promotion. It will likely be difficult to understand at first, especially for those already interested in it. But, for beginners, it should help clear your mind.

Let’s begin with the Stone Age. The Internet was created as a huge dumpster that contained large quantities of goo. It is still, in fact. Both the user and webmaster face the problem of finding each other after creating a high-quality resource.

You don’t need only users. Your website must be of high quality. It’s very difficult to find people in this global database of information, known as the Internet.

The developers of search engines suggested a solution. (Learn more about how search engines work). They created marketplaces, which are similar to stock exchanges. These places allow users to find answers and resources. However, this solution comes with some limitations. Only those resources (the “top 10”) that are able to reach the first page of search results will have any chance of making it through to the next page.

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