How to create good SEO copy?


Copywriting is a popular job in today’s market. This is because it is possible to make money online. Anyone can run their business online, but they will require a website that has sufficient content. A copywriter is essential to this task. To make sure that the site is not, in the words of SEOs, “shit”, you need to be able not only to write the text as God intended, but also to follow certain guidelines and understand the SEO world. The copywriter must have knowledge about search engine optimization. However, the quality of the text is not dependent on his writing ability, literacy, understanding of the product’s essence, or the task assigned by an SEO specialist. This article will provide some guidance for new copywriters in writing SEO texts. It will discuss the initial data that the author must have to fulfill the order and how to create beautiful, readable text from dry data.


TK is for a copywriter

The copywriter follows the TK because it was written before. Without following the recommendations of the client and using a limited number of requests, he cannot write a text as a writer. Sometimes, you will find negative reviews on the copywriter exchange regarding the order’s quality. The text is clear, concise, and well-written. However, the negative review about the work is not. Why is this? It is simple. The TK was incorrectly drawn and the copywriter did not follow it. The result was completely unexpected. Therefore, before you start work, get a clear technical assignment.


The copywriter should have the following information:


The text will include key queries and the number of them.

SEO text is used to promote websites pages via the Internet. It is based upon key queries. The number of key queries or, alternatively, the density of keys must be determined by the customer. Wordstat’s basics on how to select queries. Search engines should have a minimum of 5% text and a maximum of 7% for one article. Simple calculations show that a text with 1000 characters should have 50-70 key characters.


Let’s now calculate the number of characters in the chosen keyword. For example, “buy an Acoustic Guitar” is 24 characters.


Let’s now calculate the number of key occurrences that our SEO text should contain: 50-70/24 = 2-3.


The keywords “buy an Acoustic Guitar” should not be repeated in articles with more than 1000 characters.


The text’s volume.

Runet recommends 2500 characters to write an article. For the bourgeoisie large text is important – ranging from 5000 characters. This value should not be exceeded. If it is too high, the person may not be able to read the article to the end. Search engines won’t like it. This is not an axiom. If the text is meaningful to the user, he will likely read the entire thing to the end. Search engines will consider 500-800 characters sufficient for the description of the product card.



Copywriters must make sure that every text is unique. However, it is possible to be caught by unscrupulous writers. It is important to indicate how unique the TK. Quality text should not be less than 85%.



Copywriters need to know why your product or service is superior than others. Write down some benefits. You can write “10 years of success”, “500 devices installed”, or “1-year warranty”. It is more effective to detail the benefits of your company and the features of your product. A copywriter will have more information than he can include in the text. Without data, it is impossible to work. Copywriters are not storytellers.



Don’t forget to include a link to your site so that the TK can be found. It is important for the copywriter to familiarize himself with the site and see how other articles present texts. Because if they talk to the client in a conversation, it is important to stick to one style. A written article in a formal business style may look strange or out of place.


It is important to note that the more detailed the TK given to the copywriter, then the text will turn out better. Don’t skimp on the product’s merits. You can also discard articles you don’t like. Also, do not forget to indicate in your TK whether formalization is necessary. Content managers often create it.


Working on the text

Now we’ll get to the actual work of the copywriter. What do you do when all the details about the project are known and the terms of the reference have been drafted in greater detail? Tepe


Now it’s time for the text to be written. It is worth starting by preparing the structure of your text.



Headings should be used to highlight SEO text. It is easier to read the text and optimizes the website page’s performance on the Internet.


The h1 heading should only be used once, at the beginning of the text. It should be clear and easily remembered so that the user will want to read the article. However, keywords are also important. It is important to use high-frequency and medium-frequency requests in a direct submission. If you have a request for “refuelling cartridges”, the title could be “Refilling carts in five minutes” or “Refilling carts: instructions for usage”. These words are included in the title in full, as you can see. The tags are organized hierarchically. The tag is more significant than the tag and the tag is less important than it. The heading at the top can be used multiple times in the text, unlike the heading at the bottom. Subheadings should be written with diluted keys. Use synonyms and write the key according to morphology.




The introduction is the first thing that the user sees after they have read the title. It is important to briefly explain the purpose of this section. Inspire the reader to read the entire article.


The main part.

This is where your main message will be communicated. Make sure you use your keywords in a consistent manner. You can use both complete and incomplete passages. Search engines do not use sentences to analyze texts. Instead, they use passages – semantic units that are a specific length. Each search engine has its own length passage.

SEO analytics optimization desktop dashboard blue flat design.




A list that only contains part of the query words is called an incomplete passage. They could have different endings than those in the terms and reference.


Full passage – A list that includes all the words in the query or any variations.


An overflowing paragraph is a list of all words in a query, or their repeated variations.


Spam is when search engines are overwhelmed by too many pages. Incomplete – Not relevant enough. The best passages contain all the information.


The keywords in the passage should not be separated by punctuation marks. This will create multiple sentences. This can negatively impact your search engine analysis data. They will prefer texts that contain the key phrase within the same paragraph.



Try to get the site visitor to take action. This could be the purchase of or order for a specific service. Many texts ordered from copywriters will be selling texts. Therefore, it is crucial to include a call-to-action at the end. You should not cut off the end of an article. SEO text should, just like any other text, be logically complete.


After you have written the text, it is time to review it.


Informativeness. Informativeness. You can use to do this. Text must be rated at 7 points or less. It is easy to use and will highlight errors with color. Stop words should not be used in the text if they do not convey any meaningful information.

Keyword density. You can check the text using the service, having loaded the text into the window, it will analyze the number of characters, “nausea”, wateriness, the number of repetitions. It is important that keywords are dense enough to ensure that only the most popular phrases are included in the frequency cloud.

Uniqueness. Uniqueness is essential. You can check for uniqueness using the online program or the Advego Plagiatus software.

You might ask: How does the system verify that the text is unique?


Search engines break down text into shingles to evaluate it. Shingle refers to a few words in one row. The algorithm works as follows: A shingle is taken, and the text is compared to the ones already on the Internet. If there are no matches, the shingle will be deemed unique and the next one will be analyzed. If one of 100 shingles is unique, the uniqueness of that shingle will be 1%. If 99 unique shingles are found, then it will be 99%.


A program is required to determine the length of the shingles. This can be used for self-assessment. Avoid extremes. If you choose a shingle that is longer than 10 words, any copied text with different declensions and cases will be 100% unique. You can check by using 3-word shingles to confirm that the author’s unique text has low uniqueness.


The site will drop its ranking if the article’s text isn’t unique and was copied-paste uploaded to it. After you have written the text, go through it. Is it clear and easy to understand? Does it cover the topic? Because you have to write for everyone, it is important that you always think about your users.


Dey is able to competently combine technical requirements.


Writing SEO copy isn’t as hard as it seems. It is essential to understand the principles of search engine optimization as well as the essence of the product being promoted. You can get great results by following these rules.

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