5 Surprising Things the Top Ranked Sites on Google Have in Common



What distinguishes the top web index ranking heavyweights from everyone else? This is a question that every great SEO asks themselves when they want to outclass Google for any significant watchword (such as WebMD or Wikipedia).


These locales share more than a few things practically speaking. It’s not just their age and authority that matters. Different locales may not be able to coordinate. You can replicate and develop many of the same characteristics that help garnish locales to stand apart from their competitors.


Let’s take a look at five of the most important and astonishing variables, and then we will discuss how to use them on your site.


  1. Backlinks Reign Supreme


The most common shared characteristic should be moved first. Google’s highest ranking locations have many backlinks. Excellent backlinks can often translate into high rankings.


Backlinko shows that the Google main result has an average of 3.8 times as many backlinks than the rest of the results.


Highest level destinations Backlinko study


It’s not hard for these young men to get more backlinks. Because of their Google situation, they keep getting more backlinks over time.


Ahrefs’ Exploration by Ahrefs shows that the top three results create more alluding spaces than the rest of the pages on Google. The first and second positions of pages on Google create more alluding areas. Pages that are positioned first or second receive backlinks at a faster pace, between 5 percent and 14.5% per month.


highest level destinations Ahrefs study


Not just a lot of backlinks are important. They must be of high quality. What is a quality backlink? It is from a legal area, has substance, and adds value to your site.


Let’s say you have a blog about vehicles. An connection to another vehicle blog with a high position is more weighty and more relevant than one from a significant wellness site.


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Interior connections shouldn’t be limited. Many of the most important sites and media sources put great effort into making sure that each piece of content links back to previous posts.


Google will be able to list your data and slither your website with extraordinary inward connections. Google will rank and find your content if your site is easy to navigate. Although they might not be as powerful as backlinks in terms of power, inward connections can still lead to higher rankings.


This means that backlinks should be flexible if you want your site to compete with the best brands in your industry.


  • Provide high-quality content


The nature of the content is what makes most sites at the highest levels stand out. While some sites aren’t able to distribute high quality content all the time, others have excellent content at least a portion.


Great substance does not necessarily mean that it is more detailed or more nuanced than any other person’s. You might find a special type of examination that other organizations are unable to replicate. It could also break a story. It could be better planned. It could even become a viral web phenomenon. There are many ways to create stunning substance.


This is a good practice for SEO because excellent content supports a few positioning variables. It attracts backlinks and reduces your skip rate. This should lead to a higher clickthrough (CTR).


The true nature of the content is not enough to make a high-ranking location a top choice. They also find ways to improve the content to make it more useful to Google. This means that you should remember the keywords for header labels throughout the content, as well as in the URL.


It’s difficult to create great content, especially when there is no way to determine how good your substance is. This is your job. There are some steps you can make to ensure your clients respect your substance.


First, ensure that it is written by a specialist. This is a simple assignment that can be used for high-level destinations such as news sources. As a matter, writers are experts on particular subjects. There’s no reason to stop you from demonstrating your mastery of a subject or using master authors.


A technique used by many wellbeing sites allows you to use content that is written by an expert author, and then truth-checked by a medical expert. This has two advantages: content is written by an expert author and it’s therapeutically exact.


  • Zero in on User Experience


The highest ranking destinations on Google place a high value on client experience and do everything they can to keep clients coming back. This means a great plan, exceptional substance, natural formatting, and an amazing perusing experience. While the most notable positioning destinations may have advertisements on their pages they don’t ruin your browsing experience or use intrusive popup promotions.


These destinations rank high on Google because they offer exceptional customer service. Google stated that the first year of ranking destinations would see client experience measures used. Your rankings will be affected by how your site loads and looks like, as well as other variables such HTTPS, safe browsing, versatility and interstitials.


Google places such an emphasis on your site’s client experience because it aligns with its goal of providing clients the best perusing experience. According to the inquiry goliath, more than half (52%) of clients are less likely to engage with a brand if they have had a bad experience. It would be absurd to rank you for having a high skip rate.


It will help you rank higher and make your site more user-friendly. Promo network Ezoic saw a 186% increase in profits per 1000 guests through its work on the UX for distributors.


  • Make sure your page speed is competitive


The New York Times stacking has never required you to wait, have it? This is because the most important destinations understand the importance of delivering content quickly. Since 2010, page load speed has been an important component of work area look.

Businessman using internet analytics in the office on the touch screen of his laptop (reduced tone)

Let’s just assume that slower sites are more likely to be ranked lower.


Page speed is a key goal. This is because you will need to integrate it with high-ranking destinations. It is not about getting an edge over your competitors and making your website 0.1 seconds faster, but it does matter. This is tied to having a site that loads quickly enough to not negatively impact the user experience.


Google examination shows that over half of visitors leave portable sites (53%) in just three seconds, assuming that it doesn’t stack.


If you have a lazy site, you won’t just be punished for having a burden time. A high ricochet percentage will also be punished as clients become tired of waiting and choose an alternative site.


Google’s PageSpeed Insights is the easiest way to check your page speed. It will give you a score of 100 and suggest enhancements.


Highest level locales page speed


If you are looking for a fast stacking page, I recommend my recommendations on how to get the perfect score with Google PageSpeed Insights.


  1. Consider User Intent


You may have noticed that the highest-ranking locales seem to have several pieces of content that appear to be moving towards a similar topic from a unique point. This is because they understand the value of Google’s client plan.


Google must present the most relevant and appropriate content for every inquiry. It is crucial that the client understands what they are trying to achieve through their search. You can be sure that they want to learn something. What is the purpose of exploration? Buy? Google offers different outcomes for each goal.


Google, for example, shows pages on the internet that it believes the client is trying to buy but it also presents articles from blogs for data-related inquiries.


To turn into a top-level site, it is crucial to understand what Google clients want to see. You are much more likely to be positioned if you create content that aligns with each client’s target watchword plan. To achieve each client’s goal, many high-level destinations use comparative content focusing on similar topics.


It’s not just a matter of instructive or business. Clients might require a variety of useful material. It’s not always a bullet-point article. A video may be better for different questions.


Real results can be achieved by putting aside the effort to understand what the client expects for each watchword or point that you are focusing on. When they changed the content to meet client goal, Showcasing SaaS CoSchedule saw an increase in search traffic of 594 percent.


FAQs for the highest level sites


What does the top level locale share practically speaking?


All of them have an incredible client experience, top-notch backlinks and extraordinary content.


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